Here I will keep a running tally of [Travel Achievements].

So far my travels have included the following adventures.

  • I rode a bicycle to mountain lined with graves in Kyoto
  • I have lived in Edinburgh for 14 months as part of the Youth Mobility Visa Scheme.
  • I have been snowboarding in the Austrian Alps where I cracked my ribs.
  • I have experienced Amsterdam. What happens in Amsterdam….
  • I have eaten grilled eel in Miyajima.
  • I have been overcharged for coffee in Paris.
  • I stood before the A Bomb Dome in Hiroshima
  • I have been to the theater in London.
  • I have drunk fresh, raw milk in Zagreb.
  • I have eaten gyoza in Osaka
  • I have eaten kebaps in Berlin.
  • I have eaten breakfast with the orangutans in Singapore.
  • I have snowboarded in Hakuba with no injuries.
  • I have fallen down a mountain with a snowboard strapped onto my feet in Nozowa-Onsen.
  • I have leaned on the tower in Pisa.
  • I have bathed naked with strangers in Hakone
  • I was thrown to the Lions in Rome (not really thrown, or to the lions, but was at Rome).
  • I was fed by Ninjas in Tokyo
  • I crossed a bridge from Buda to Pest.
  • I ate dumplings in Prague.