Vagrant Games: Candy box! is so stupid it’s good

Right. This is ridiculous. To be clear, when I say this is ridiculous I cannot emphasis exactly how ridiculous it is. Further, I have spent a few hours playing.


I'm looking at you 'The Simpson's Tapped Out'

This screen represents more game play and depth then most iOS and Google Play titles

This apparently empty screen counting candies is what soon transforms into a whole world of candies, lollipops and a frog.

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The Two Year Timeskip

Well. What can I say? Waves of nostalgia are crashing down on me as I look at the remains of my old blog. I am actually pretty impressed it remains intact, apart from the premium site URL.


Much like the straw hat pirates (Since my last post I have started watching One Piece, naturally) I have been away for 2 years, training. I am currently in the last few weeks of my first year doing a degree in communication and would like to put some of those skills to work.

I have developed my writing beyond what it was and intend on bringing a few fresh projects to this blog as well. Shortly I will be debuting SOTACast. It is a podcast based around Richard Garriot’s project, Shroud of the Avatar and I will be hosting it along with co-host Overt Enemy. Also in the works is a reboot of Vagabond Gaming. I have yet to settle on the format as there are some difficulties in deciding how to structure a solo podcast. I will persevere though and should have something to show in a few weeks.

So, that is what is happening. As always I’d appreciate any subscribers, shares and comments.

“Go to New World!” as they say.

Ja Ne