Final Fantasy Patch 2.5 – Before the Fall


So. It is painfully obvious by my last publish date that I have long neglected blogging. Happily, the reason for that is I spent the interval studying and recently finished my degree in Communication with Griffith Universities. Once done the first thing I did, was reintroduce myself to the main story of Final Fantasy XIV and finally covered the distance between 2.25 and 2.5, the current patch as of this writing.


Fair warning though. There are spoilers past the break.

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KILL la KILL: The Saviour of Anime.


First, the title is somewhat sacastic as I have been goaded into writing about this currently airing Anime through a thread on Reddit. I saw a few mentions around the place of this new series, Kill la Kill. There was enough of a buzz around it that I decided to watch the currently available first two episodes. Then i found out that people were going crazy for it.

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40 Days in the Desert

Soon I will be treading the Wilderness. Over 4000km with, likely, little to no gaming to be had. To compensate there will be orangutans, coffee shops, leaning towers and colliseiums. In this time though it will be important for me to maintain some form of connection with my gaming heritage. Not only that but other forms of Digital Entertainment.

In honour of this tremendous event I would like to list my top Podcasts for keeping me in the loop and entertained. While there is a heavy slant to gaming involved there are several which feature no direct relation to gaming. Something for everyone, even your mum (Or mm depending where you are). Join me after the break, as they say, to find some great podcasts for your 4,000km commute.

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