The Newbie Blogger Initiative


So, over one month since my last post and October has snuck up and performed a backstab (metaphorically). As the title suggest though, the second annual Newbie Blogger initiative has provided me with some impetuous to put thought to keyboard.

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Vagrancy Editorial: Can handheld consoles bring JRPG’s back into vogue?

When I was in Primary School I discovered a game called Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I think it was my very first Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG). I liked the game a lot. So as you’d expect I sought out as many similar games as I could find. I ended up playing games that included Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals, Breath of Fire 2, Secret of Mana and Terranigma. I think when playing Final Fantasy VII at the age of 14 was when I first understood that these games shared the genre of JRPG. This a post about how Persona 4: Golden brought me back to that and a thought I had about the nature of JRPGs now and potential for new ways on interacting with the genre with today’s technology.

Persona 4

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The Two Year Timeskip

Well. What can I say? Waves of nostalgia are crashing down on me as I look at the remains of my old blog. I am actually pretty impressed it remains intact, apart from the premium site URL.


Much like the straw hat pirates (Since my last post I have started watching One Piece, naturally) I have been away for 2 years, training. I am currently in the last few weeks of my first year doing a degree in communication and would like to put some of those skills to work.

I have developed my writing beyond what it was and intend on bringing a few fresh projects to this blog as well. Shortly I will be debuting SOTACast. It is a podcast based around Richard Garriot’s project, Shroud of the Avatar and I will be hosting it along with co-host Overt Enemy. Also in the works is a reboot of Vagabond Gaming. I have yet to settle on the format as there are some difficulties in deciding how to structure a solo podcast. I will persevere though and should have something to show in a few weeks.

So, that is what is happening. As always I’d appreciate any subscribers, shares and comments.

“Go to New World!” as they say.

Ja Ne

40 Days in the Desert

Soon I will be treading the Wilderness. Over 4000km with, likely, little to no gaming to be had. To compensate there will be orangutans, coffee shops, leaning towers and colliseiums. In this time though it will be important for me to maintain some form of connection with my gaming heritage. Not only that but other forms of Digital Entertainment.

In honour of this tremendous event I would like to list my top Podcasts for keeping me in the loop and entertained. While there is a heavy slant to gaming involved there are several which feature no direct relation to gaming. Something for everyone, even your mum (Or mm depending where you are). Join me after the break, as they say, to find some great podcasts for your 4,000km commute.

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