The Newbie Blogger Initiative


So, over one month since my last post and October has snuck up and performed a backstab (metaphorically). As the title suggest though, the second annual Newbie Blogger initiative has provided me with some impetuous to put thought to keyboard.

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Rift: Guardian Starting Zone – Episode 1

In this episode of Vagabond Gaming I jump into Rift to check out the free to play cash shop and how the game plays through the Guardian starting zone.

It’s a great way to check out this polished title and decide if you want to invest any time. I play without any cash shop items (with the exception of the Harbinger Mage class which is an expansion soul). My account is a legacy account from the games release and I used to Raid up until just before Infernal Dawn.

Three episodes in this series until I clear the tutorial area.


Download the free client at


Vagabond Gaming – Minecraft Magic Farm Episode 1

Here is the first in my Hardcore Mode Magic Farm episodes. I have three up so far and will be posting them all to the blog with a bit more description then found on the YouTube Channel.

Here I start the video about 40 minutes into the game having gathered some basic stuff to get going. All the boring wood, stone and so on. This episode has me working towards getting Tin and talking a little on my food supply.

The end of the episode is bit of a cliff hanger so be sure to check out episode 2.

Buy Minecraft at

Get the Feed The Beast launcher at

Texture pack is Sphax which can be downloaded from

Returning to Eorzea: A Hero Reborn.


I wish, more than anything, I still had my Final Fantasy XI screenshots of Arken, Elvaan Paladin of Bastok. The predominant reason for this is because I feel like he is a very important part of Arken, the Miqo’te “soon to be” Paladin of Ul’dah. It’s been a long road since the Final Fantasy XIV announcement, all those years ago. However never have I been more connected to Eorzea or excited about the adventures in store for Arken.

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