The Bigby Wolf: First timer in a Telltale world

TheWolfAmongUs 2013-10-14 21-42-32-90

A few days ago Telltale games’ latest series, A Wolf Among Us, was released. Now, I myself had not watched this games development, nor had I played any previous incarnations of a Telltale game. (One exception being a brief minute or two with  an ‘obtained’ copy of the Tales of Monkey Island which I stopped quick after my conscious got the better of me).

I still cannot articulate exactly what it was that drew me to the game, to the point where I popped down the requisite US$24.95 for a season pass.

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Vagabond Gaming: Skyblocks Episode 1. Getting Started Tutorial

I hope to do a few of these with some useful tips and tricks in helping anyone along in the Vanilla Minecraft map, Skyblocks.

The map can be found here.

Vagrant Mods: Minecraft Skyblock

While technically not a mod, the map is a drastic departure from the basic mechanics of Minecraft and to my mind introduces game play that is so radically different that is deserves status as a ‘Mod’.

When you start this map you are greeted with this.


In the chest is some lava and ice which you can use to create infinite cobblestone (Which you still have to mine manually. This isn’t redpower). From there you simply build. In the distance is a precarious sand island with some obsidian and seeds. The sand has a tendency to fall if another block touches it (at least in my experience) so I had to build a platform beneath it before plundering it’s goodies.

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Vagrant Games: Candy box! is so stupid it’s good

Right. This is ridiculous. To be clear, when I say this is ridiculous I cannot emphasis exactly how ridiculous it is. Further, I have spent a few hours playing.


I'm looking at you 'The Simpson's Tapped Out'

This screen represents more game play and depth then most iOS and Google Play titles

This apparently empty screen counting candies is what soon transforms into a whole world of candies, lollipops and a frog.

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