Vagabond Traveler: Five things to do in Tokyo in three days

As promised in my last travelling post, in this post I’ll be exploring five experiences in Tokyo that might not all be in the travel brochures, but are certainly fantastic experiences. This week we will be going from haunted cat town theme parks, all the way to volcanic boiled black eggs. Next time you’re in Tokyo I would recommend each and every one of these experiences. I have also chosen these as they form a two day itinerary  A perfect way to start your time in Japan before you branch out to ry other things, but also perfect if you are just looking for a stopover en-route to another destination, or you just want a few days in Tokyo after snowboarding in Hakuba.

Those who play JRPGs might recognize it from a famous DS game.

One of Shibuya’s famous department stores.

Our first stop is a Cat Cafe….

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Vagabond Traveler: Snowboards, Monkey Business and Tokyo.

Since about 2007, Japan has been one of the cheapest and unique places to ski and snowboard for Australians. Last year I took ten days out and strapped on some snowboard boots. The following was the result.

Fair warning, there are monkeys in the following post.
Hakuba Village

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