Final Fantasy Patch 2.5 – Before the Fall


So. It is painfully obvious by my last publish date that I have long neglected blogging. Happily, the reason for that is I spent the interval studying and recently finished my degree in Communication with Griffith Universities. Once done the first thing I did, was reintroduce myself to the main story of Final Fantasy XIV and finally covered the distance between 2.25 and 2.5, the current patch as of this writing.


Fair warning though. There are spoilers past the break.

The first thing I want to congratulate SquareEnix on however is the sheer depth of the content they have been putting out. The three major patch cycles they had released between my stopping, and starting the game again felt like an entire games worth of stories.

The Hard Mode dungeons do a wonderful job of progressing the stories from their normal mode counterparts and are far more then a rehash with extra bosses we see in many other games.

The story is full of intrigue and dynamic movement as we see Revetments Toll grow and the Scions grow too, including the founding of the Crystal Braves. Particularly at 2.4 we begin to move into distinctly Expansion lead ins with the dealing with Ishguardian characters in Coerthas.

However, the high point of tension is 2.5, where, stripped of the Crystal’s Light, the Scions come under attack from an Ascalonian once more.



Main characters felt at risk in this patch. In particular Minfillia and Moonbryda.

Now I have a soft spot for Minfillia so I was fairly worried for her safety when the Ascalon antagonist proceeded to head for the Rising Stones to take possession of the Staff Minfillia keeps.

1.0 finished with her Grandfatrher’s death, to protect the land of Eorzea from Bahamut. Some poetic link where Minfillia does the same seemed to be on the table. A noble sacrifce that was also hinted at by the fact we have learned a lot about her past and her personal story, so it seemed she might be done for.

Happily, no. Sadly though, Moonbryda was the one to make the noble sacrifice. The disciple of the man who sacrificed himself Eorzea, rather then the granddaughter.  So, the poetry was still intact I guess.


While it’s sad to see one of the Scions go, the effect was dulled somewhat by Moonbryda’s relatively late appearance in the story. Her entrance, and subsequent death seem somewhat close together as if the main Scions are ‘untouchable’ and she was bought in as a plot device rather then another character.

While I can’t be too critical as I would have been genuinely annoyed to see Minfillia go, nevertheless, danger to the Scions is important in making the characters feel genuine. Thancred was in real danger for a time and this is the second time Minfillia has been directly threatened.

But, one chapter closed and now to eagerly await the next chapter of FFXIV in Heavensward. Hopefully I can address some of the many options available to those getting to 50 in anticipation or those lost for things to do once they are all tuckered out from raiding.

Ja mata ne!

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