KILL la KILL: The Saviour of Anime.


First, the title is somewhat sacastic as I have been goaded into writing about this currently airing Anime through a thread on Reddit. I saw a few mentions around the place of this new series, Kill la Kill. There was enough of a buzz around it that I decided to watch the currently available first two episodes. Then i found out that people were going crazy for it.

It turns out that the series is just another schoolyard battle royale. I saw this when i watched the Tenjou Tenge series years ago. The animation style is fantastic, but there were a few annoying ‘choices’ made like 2d flips of characters switcing directions (Intentionally done, not done accidentally). It has a really old Anime feel and as far as I could tell if it is not hand drawn, great lengths are taken to make it appear as such. 


The community of Anime watchers however seem to largely belive that this a a heartful breath of fresh air into the Anime scene. Maybe I missed the discussion of Bakemonogatari (Monstory) when it premiered in 2009 but it’s current season, Monogatari Second Session, which is halfway through it’s run, seems to offer over and above in aesthetic, story, character depth and social commentary.

I suppose I just don’t see whats special about an Anime which has a scantly clad female lead fighting through the school ranks until she ultimately faces the School Council President. 

I suspect (old hipster rant coming) that the new generation of young Anime viewers seems to equate style with substance. Something like the Tarintino effect. For myself, having grown up watching Astroboy, Tekkaman Blade, Akira, Ninja Scroll and Ghost in The Shell among many others, it just doesn’t seem to bring anything much to the table besides the fantastic art style. Even that is a homage to older Manga stylisation rarely used in Anime.

Maybe this is just reddit cyniism though. A knee jerk reaction against a fan reception that just seems out of scale with the actual quality and depth of this, quite entertaining show. The fan reception currently just seems to devalue what is out there by raising this fairly standard show to cult status. 

Still it’s solid and a fun and very over the top show; so a worthwhile watch. Just not a game changer. 


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