The Newbie Blogger Initiative


So, over one month since my last post and October has snuck up and performed a backstab (metaphorically). As the title suggest though, the second annual Newbie Blogger initiative has provided me with some impetuous to put thought to keyboard.

Thus i will be looking to ensure i post ten blogs in October plus four videos and some participation in the NBI events for the month which include talk back and topical posts.

This evening I hope to update the blog roll a little and add a NBI widget.

So check out the NBI website, even if you aren’t a blogger there some fantastic links to other blogs that operate in the video game/pop culture scene.

If you found me through NBI then /welcome ^^.

The road map for the month will include a round up of my time in Eorzea so far as I entered end game progression last weekend. I have also been playing some Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe, the obligatory Minecraft and bits and pieces of Rogue legacy so hopefully I will post some content with regards to those. Overall though I am ploughing a couple of hours most days into Final Fantasy (in between uni work).

Also I have become heavily involved in some Kickstarters in the last few months as a backer so I will be posting a little about some of those too.

Lastly, forgive the spam but I have a few YouTube videos on My Channel i have yet to post here so look out for those ^^. All at once.

As a reminder, you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, G+ and Facebook with links on the site here ^^.

Happy Wandering.


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