Poverty through pledging: Kickstarter and the Fairytale Games


I have found kickstarter. My page on kickstarter betrays my inability to not get excited by new projects. If you clicked on that link to kickstarter you’ll also get a pretty good cross section of the types of game I enjoy. There’s a handful or of JRPGs (Project Phoenix, Soul Saga and such), some persistent online experiences (Shroud of the Avatar, HexTCG and the regrettable Topia Online) and some cool projects like The Mighty no. 9 headed up by Kenji inafune. So with that, i’ll be starting a new section for items on kickstarter I have found to be of interest. Starting out will be the glorious return of my interest in miniatures and the brutally violent Fairytale Games.

Alexander Lim, the creator, first kickstarted Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale with a campaign that was successfully funded back on the 3rd of July. That one flew completely under my radar until the second campaign, Fairytail Games: The Miniatures Campaign. Essentially the two campaigns are linked through one common element, being that it is all for a card game. The first campaign funded the game as well as various compatible editions and expansions creating scores of possible characters and match ups. I won’t go into all the extras and add-ons because, well, they are all on the kickstarters linked above as well as the official page.

The game itself features all the prominent fairytale, mythological, cryptozoological and other (mostly) fictional characters. The idea being that the three most powerful Fairytale Queens have seen fit to remake the world, without suffering and conflict and to do so must pick a champion, while wiping out all others. Players select a character to start as (Alice, Snow White, iron jack, Gingerbread man, Jack and Jill etc) who will provide special abilities throughout the game. As the game progresses you will gain allies to use in battles. The winning conditions are to either defeat the Trinity of Queens, or all other players. It is violent and bloody and a cursory look at the artwork will show this is a very Grimm universe (See what I did there?).

The story develops through the Horror edition, the Steampunk Edition and the Zombie Edition. Each featuring unique traits and mechanics as well as new characters. Murder, turning characters, machine augmentations as well as new locations and characters.


However, all this was covered in the first Kickstarter. The current one is for miniatures to complement the game. Bringing the characters to life and also esoteric hints at a future game which will incorporate the minis.  From what I see so far as well, the miniatures look fantastic and are at a great price. For the first time since Wathammer I have purchased minis.

At the very least, they will be great for and Dungeons and Dragons night and, should I find a good painter, will look great on display.


So, it’s a long road ahead as delivery is late 2014 and the rules have not yet been finalized for the actual game. Also the minis are not well represented in terms of finalized products. So there are some risks that the final product may not be exactly as awesome as I hope. However, the thematic style and the setting itself have proven to be really enthralling to me.


However, it is a Kickstarter I am excited about. Stay tuned for more details as the current campaign progresses and by all means, if you like what you see head over and show them some love on kickstarter.

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