Returning to Eorzea: A Hero Reborn.


I wish, more than anything, I still had my Final Fantasy XI screenshots of Arken, Elvaan Paladin of Bastok. The predominant reason for this is because I feel like he is a very important part of Arken, the Miqo’te “soon to be” Paladin of Ul’dah. It’s been a long road since the Final Fantasy XIV announcement, all those years ago. However never have I been more connected to Eorzea or excited about the adventures in store for Arken.

I was pretty excited for Final Fantasy XIV when it released as 1.0. I even enjoyed my time there. I’ll admit I didn’t put a heap of time into it, only reaching 23 in Gladiator and about 12 in Blacksmith as well as a smattering of other levels. I was in early enough and invested enough that I put together a macro guide for changing classes; somehow getting over a thousand views on my humble YouTube Channel. However, the world was not ‘Sticky’. I realised I was no loner logging in and left my sub to renew enough to gain Legacy Status before getting caught up in The Secret World and more recently, single player games.

Then, Beta 4 happened. Sure I had logged into Phase 2 and Phase 3, but they were insubstantial. Ephemeral characters I had no connection with, or care for as they would disappear soon. In that view I found an MMO that was serviceable and included enough Final Fantasy Charm to be enjoyable.

I lost track of the producer letters and the road map until I realised that the Phase 4 weekend was upon me. I would be able to once again access my Legacy character and make progress that would carry into live. I logged in on the second day and was able to recreate Arken as a 2.0 character. While he had all the levels and equipment of the 1.0 Arken, he was a new adventurer. One who would pick up when Arken 1.0 left off after facing Bahumat and being lost in a blazing light, leaving only the imprint of his silhouette behind in Eorzea.

Touched by the crystal, the first Arken in Hydaelyn was fated to be a martyr. Now Arken the second has set foot upon the world and is also touched by the Crystal. Those who saw the adventurers, now dubbed ‘The Warriors of Light,’ sacrifice themselves to protect the land are seeing history repeat itself.

The only warning given is as follows.

“Those touched by the crystal are either Heroes, or Martyrs. Do your best to be the former”

It is supremely amazing for me to now have a character in a game with such a strong sense of History. No one would argue that the lack of success 1.0 saw was a good thing, however, the steps taken to not just learn from it, but to insert a powerful and gripping narrative into the 2.0 reboot because of it is astounding. Add to that the implied history I have attached to Arken as I transferred his name from Final Fantasy XI and I essentially feel as if I am playing the same character from my first proper MMO experience way back in 2002.

My biggest fear is that I am currently on a Japanese server, Gungnir with little English speaking players. Should I decide to migrate I may lose that precious moniker of mine…

All these nostalgic memories of Final Fantasy XI, I may have to share some of these sometime. I will be doing a follow up of the launch weekend too, so stay tuned. Also check out my YouTube as I am sure I’ll do some recording as well.

The Vagabond,


Home at last


I Found Arken from Vana’Diel. So pleased about that.


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