Vagrant Games: Candy box! is so stupid it’s good

Right. This is ridiculous. To be clear, when I say this is ridiculous I cannot emphasis exactly how ridiculous it is. Further, I have spent a few hours playing.


I'm looking at you 'The Simpson's Tapped Out'

This screen represents more game play and depth then most iOS and Google Play titles

This apparently empty screen counting candies is what soon transforms into a whole world of candies, lollipops and a frog.

 This is essentially a time management game. Similar to those mobile games where you spend resources that slowly acquire over time to complete actions. The significant difference is that Candy Box! is not trying to sell anything and you can pretty much keep playing continuously if you manage your candies and lollipops resources correctly. In the game you get weapons, spells and potions to help you go on adventures to places like ‘The peaceful forest’ and ‘Underwater cave’. Once there, you watch your little |o/ rush against the enemies and hope it can defeat them. Combat is automatic and resolved by each side attacking until one is defeated and the hero moves on. If your hero is defeated it is sent back to the home page to recover for a set period of time before you can try again. It looks like this.

It only made it through classification in Australia die to our new R18+ category

Combat as imagined by Candy Box! I am the ‘\o/’ and the various three letters are the enemy which I must destroy.

You can cast spells to aid your hero and quaff potions to restore health as well. Without spoiling anything there are times when you must think a bit more strategically then just using a better sword, or more health which was a pleasant surprise.

Another fun feature was a series of riddles with a frog. Just tricky enough to make me Google for the answers. Fortunately this game is not so well-known that I could find the answers. This was a blessing as it forced me to riddle them out myself.

Late game and you start to see just how much is hidden under the hood of the spartan web design.

Here is my piece of internet paper.

Here is my Epic Avatar.

For me, this is an example of fantastic game design. Proof that graphics and story are not required for a fun game. Proof that imagination can fuel a game experience. This is the type of game I would happily throw a few dollars down for on my mobile.

You can check the game out Here.

Have a go at the game and let me know if you enjoyed it, or if you didn’t. As much fun as I had I can say it isn’t for everyone so I’d like to hear your comments.

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