Extra Life Round up

Extra Life 2011 has completed worldwide and it would appear that this year was a resounding success. Team kakashi has raised $1,187 which is well over the goal I set at $1,000. In fact as it was my first year I expected to raise $600 in my team of five. So the team really did fantastic and almost pulled in double what I anticipated. With some weeks to go before donations close that is still a chance.

Anyway, the round up for the hours of 0&:00 AEST 15th October until 08:00 AEST 16th of October are as follows. (Subject to inaccuracies as I didn’t’ take notes)

So I know I will be back next year and hopefully will raise the target and aim for $1,500. I should be a little older and a little wiser by then too.


I started with a couple of Rift Dungeons. Running with a few guildies and some random it was pretty standard fare. Also with the Ashes of History Event on now I rag through the dallies before logging off.

Second was Super Mario Bros. 3. I intended to complete it, however I ended up only doing Sky World before another distraction and never got back to it.

Third up was Super Street Fighter IV on PS3. Roundly defeating all competition. This was followed by a switch up to Tekken 5 where random character selection made me less invincible.

From there it was time to continue the trend of beating things into tiny pieces with some Dead Island. I got swarmed and slashed and stabbed my way to freedom while looking for something. I forget what. Despite the negative press I find it to be a fun game with few pretentions of grandeur. It was a nice bit of therapeutic gaming dealing out devastating blows left and right and throwing cleavers at faces.

Back to rift to tie up one or two dailies. At this point I was running around in open groups to clear rifts for Event quest items. I still find it fun to end up running with a handful of strangers to complete objectives. nice to not have to shout for a party and to be able to dive right into group content automatically. it is one defining feature of Rift that really works. I know WAR had something similar but in Rift it feels like it is really being taken advantage of and is implemented in an environment that uses it to it’s full potential.

Now began potentially the star of the show. Warcraft 3: Frozen throne Tower Defences. Out o the 5 of use I was the only one with previous experience in these and it turned out to be quite an addictive little interlude. It was a real throw back to days of LAN gaming in the early 2000’s. the others got the hang of it fairly quickly and we all had great fun strategising and planning our defences. We kinda cleared one map with was Wave 33 or so and two creeps didn’t leave the starting zone and no towers had range to attack the start area so we chalked that up as a victory.

We ate pizza. I had Hawaiian

More Warcraft 3 at this point. It would be remiss to also point out when waiting for other players I would flip open the DS to play Super Mario Bros. Didn’t waste any time ^^.

After Tower Defences it was on to a few hours of Final Fantasy XIV. Now I loved this game at launch, despite the problems. however my playtime is indicative of the real story. it dropped off severely. I still kept up to date with news and jumped in briefly to see updates. Rift would take my time usually. Extra life was a perfect way to ingratiate myself with the 1.19 patch. It is a game changer. Expect to hear a lot more from me on FFXIV as I play with the idea of setting up regular blogs on it and start to stream it. Anyway I had a chance to start my journey in joining the Immortal Flame grand company. The grand companies were introduced as a way to progress the story of FFXIV and also another activity for players. They also will be, in my opinion, the driving mechanic behind the reboot to 2.0. The quests I did gave me an introduction to the seventh umbral. Warnings that Eorzea would be destroyed for the sins of it’s people. However as the Archons preach despair, the hope that ‘if a people can be damned for their action, can they not also be saved by their actions?’ I wish I remembered the exact wording but that really got to me. Along with the news and road map to 2.0 the Square Enix team is not just rebooting FFXIV, but doing so via Lore. the land will be changes because of poor field design but there will be events in the story that cause this. Anyway this is another post and I will discuss this possibly on a new podcast so stay tuned.

Next was a FPS. Counter Strike 1.6. I dislike shooters. Particularly realistic ones were a tag to the head is death. I am too slow for twitch game play (Read RPG player). Left 4 Dead and Dead island are more appealing because Spray and Pray is viable :p. And it is co-operative. I don’t deal with PvP much. Anyway I held my own and surprised a few with my basic kill in the game but quit after two maps and went back to Final Fantasy XIV.

To round out the night the old Tower Defences were booted up again. From 4:00am to 8:00 and wiping at 7:59 exactly.

So that was my Extra Life experience. you can still donate and I would encourage you to donate locally if you can. If you would like to donate to an Australian Hospital (Westmead Children’s Hospital) then you can donate online by credit card by clicking here If you are a gamer then seriously consider joining a team for next year ^^.

-The Vagabond

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