Vagabond Gaming – Week 8: The iPod and DS month

Hey guys, just a quick update on my gaming for this past month. Super quick.

Essentially it’s been all about the iPod Touch/iPhone apps and the DS, which makes sense.

Firstly, in the social gaming theme of late is Zombie Farm. It is a time management farming simulator where you must grow crops and harvest them before they wither. The twist being you can also plant graves which yield zombies. These can be sent to invade other farms (The first being Old McDonald’s) and rampage through the farms for cash and brains. It is free, however it offers micro transaction to gain access to Quality of Life items and more powerful zombies. At level 10 upwards ( I forgot to mention you gain exp for farming and that unlocks more crops and items for the farm). Brains also can be purchased to speed up access to money, bigger farms and other features. All in all it is pretty great to kill a few minutes and the crops you plant can be chosen based on your scheduale taking anywhere from 15 minutes to two days to mature. If you spam your friends you get better daily surprises. 50 gold per friend who is playing and higher brain drop rate. I don’t connect to facebook because i despise face book spam (Apart from my WoW and PSN feed which is nerd cool).

Seocnd on the iPod is bejeweled 2. the new facebook integration means every week you compete in a one minute blitz to try and get the top spot among your friends before it resets at the start of the week and you all try the scramblke again. A basic and popular gem matching game most of you are aware of but the new facebook competition really grabbed me so it is worth looking at for a fun facebook game which does not spam unless you click share on every achievement. Also I found vanilla bejeweled took too long for the few mintues I usually iPod for so the one minute is perfect.

On to real games (lol). The DS has really shined.

Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2. Has me hooked again now I have so much train time. Previoulsy I had made it part way thtough the hard difficult and so far through much pracice I am now on the final part of the final level. Next difficulty unlocks cheerleaders ^^.The premise of the game is of course a rhythm tapping game. Your squad cheers on people in tough situations, from nerds making a robot to defeat a giant cat, to a werewolf trying to impress a young girl on a date. Sadly the difficulty of the final level is a little to much to do on a moving trian but I hope to crack it soon.

the second addiction is Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. From what I know I believe it is the most recent of the HM incarnationjs. Set on a group of islands as a farmer, you must find love, grow croppage (ref. Karl Pilkington) and raise the missing islands and restore the lands. Long and grindy, I still find the optimisation kind of addictive. Unlike earlier version where crops grow in defined days, Sunshine Islands crops grow only when sunlight and water points are filled by appropriate weather. Not only watering is needed, but plenty of sunshine, making weather more meaningful and some more luck involved until you raise the green houise much later in the game. Anyway I will be looking at reviewing this in depth soon so I will leave it there ^^.

So thats how I have kept my inner nerd alive and no MMO’s :p. Look out for my next podcast at the start of May and some upcoming changes to Hydaelyn Cast which will be very exciting.

Until next time ^^


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