Vienna. The Horse and Carrage Capital

From the Medieval Spires of old Prague we moved on to the stately and classical Vienna. More Trams. Writing this after Prague, Vienna and Budapest I can say, I hate trams. Anyway…

Vienna was a little more measured then Berlin and Prague. With less to do and more random to explore, we were able to take it a little easier. Our accommodation was the Palace Hostel. A grand title, although a humble, clean, arrangement. Sadly it was a little further away then anticipated so it was around 45 minutes to get into the city. The upside being it was an environmentally friendly hostel, cheap and provided a breakfast including those awesome Nescafe automatic machines. Oh, and of course it enjoyed mountain views, being quite high, offering a panoramic view of the city.

The first day we arrived late to the hostel with only time to go and get some dinner. Annoyingly the local hotels restaurant did not take Visa (Bumpkins) and we ended up walking for an hour back to the train station where we got a Schnitzel (for Hannah) and a Cordon Bleu (For Me). It was fine ^^

The next day was a big day of exploring. the various Palaces and old town structures. We were accosted by many classical music event staff. Everyone wanted us to go see their renditions of Mozart or Strauss  They tempted us with Waltzing and Ballet, however the price wasn’t right :p. While the old town was beautiful, and we even saw some coffins in the catacombs, the Schoenberg Palace was the highlight.

At Schoenberg, we were treated to the finest palatial Gardens we have seen. The palace had a huge garden, a huge fountain, a huge monument at the top of a hill and Panda’s in the Zoo. Just to wander around was amazing and the beautiful Neptune’s fountain was a masterful centerpiece  It depicted Neptune, surrounded by his entourage and a Nymph ^^.

On the way out we spent an hour getting lost in the hedge maze and labyrinth. The classic Hedge maze was pretty fun, but there was also a puzzle maze with plenty of puzzles where you had to navigate a board of numbers only taking the amount of step indicated. It started to sleet/hail and we rushed out (In the middle of a maze :p).

Day two in Vienna was spent at the glorious, Prater, amusement park. Essentially it is a free park, where you pay for the rides. With four roller coasters  a log flume, multiple ghost trains  plenty of thrill rides and plenty of side shows we enjoyed our time there. I took part in some archery, a strength game and we took the river rapids. We also we searching out the XXL cafe. After wandering around we gave up and ate at Austria’s most popular beer garden. After a Schnitzel and Pommes we continued to explore and almost immediately found the XXL cafe which sold a one meter Schnitzel and an eight kilogram burger. My heart was broken which is why we went on the river rapids ride.

We then got onto an old train and were on our way to Croatia and Zagreb.

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