The Adventure in Prague – by Hannah

For a change of pace the following was written for me by Hannah. Enjoy.

I noticed a slight change in scenery and the places turned from things like Leisenplatz to Schzeprichopenilichazana, needless to say we had entered into the Czech republic, on our way to Prague. We got there early evening at the main station and had not much idea which way to go, only that we knew our hotel was far out of the center  20 minutes by tram we later found out. After checking in, we decided to go on a hunt for some dinner, unfortunately there wasn’t much at all in the area we were staying and at this first glance of Prague, it was not much to look at. Although, admittedly it was like going to Brisbane and only seeing Nundah. So after a wrong venture on the tram, we quit at a snack dinner from the local market.

The first day we finally made it into the beautiful center of the old-town where we decided on a free walking tour (small budget), suggested to us by a girl we met at the hostel in Berlin, as neither of us knew a whole lot about the city itself. I really enjoyed it, the guide was obviously enthusiastic about the history and had the personality for great storytelling, and I was expecting him to make it really good as he was working on a tips only basis. ^^ He took us through the old town with an 8 minute overview of the entire Prague history, and into the new town, then a quick roam through the Jewish quarter, where he told us about the synagogue that featured Jewish children’s drawings that were basically the only remembrance that these children’s lives existed following the holocaust. Also of interest in that area was the Franz Kafta statue and the small synagogue attic, where the legend of the Golem resided. Apparently, a German soldier tested his bravery and was never seen again.

We finished the tour in the early afternoon by the river with a view of the castle and a story about the end of the world war II with only about 9,000 Czechs holding off about 200,000 Nazi soldiers and stopping the complete bombing and destruction of the capital city. This gave Sam and I the afternoon to wander around the beautiful castle, and the area surrounding. I was surprised we could go further into the various courtyards of the castle than I thought without an entrance fee which gave us some amazing photos and views of the city, not to mention the St Victus’s Cathedral was definitely up there in the top 5 of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve seen.

We decided we would experience the local cuisine that night, my goulash with potato pancakes was delicious, but Sam wasn’t all that impressed with his choice of a various meat platter with potato and bread dumplings. With the Easter markets still on, we were able to try some local sweets though, as well as lunch the next day for me of a chicken skewer roasted on coals, while Sam opted for yet another new and intriguing McDonald’s burger. Before heading on the next day, we went to visit the Lennon wall and had to see the spectacle of the astronomical clock chiming on the hour with little death ringing his bell and the rooster’s small crow.


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