Vagabond Travels – Week One (Part Two)

For the sake of more sensible sized posts I have split this post into two, despite writing all this in one sitting on the train.

Amsterdam was quite exciting on arrival. We had only one night there so felt we had to pack a lot in. We booked a moderate hostel, in a six bed dorm. We didn’t really spend much time in the hostel which was good as we had noisy and obnoxious roommates anyway.

That first day in the Dam, we essentially wandered around aimlessly getting our bearings again after our short stay back in June 2009. That first night we spent a couple of hours in a ‘coffee’ shop. A Cheap buzz, but I still don’t get it. Maybe we did it wrong, but I don’t get the appeal. We also toured the Red Light District and laughed at the guys negotiating, for want of a better word, whores. We even had a wander through the Sex museum at 7 Euros each. A little disappointing to be honest. The most amusing thing was out the front anyway. A woman (Manniquen) on a bike with the pedals not just operating the wheels, but also an…implement. She seemed to be having fun.

Our second day in amsterdam was almost a full day. Our train left late in the evening with a 14 hour overnight to Berlin. We decided to stay cheap with seats instead of a bed compartment. Big mistake. Our seats were in separate compartments of the same carriage. Both fully booked and both of us stuck in the middle with little to lean on. Apparently after midnight, when the heat in the carriage of 6 people drove me crazy with thirst, there is no where to get water as the only taps were in the toilets and marked undrinkable. No power points either on that train so my DS and iPod both started to show critical power before we were close to our destination. On top of that I finished my Zombie short story book. I only managed to get in about 3 hours sleep by the time we arrived in Berlin.

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