Vagabond Travels – Week One (Part One)

Well, clearly I haven’t had as much time as I thought to write and document the time spent so far traveling London, amsterdam and Berlin. As I type this I am on a train between Berlin and Prague on the 8th of April. if the rest of the train trip are as leisurely as this one I will hopefully be able to write something every three or four days, even if it takes longer to upload finding wifi. Certainly photo uploads would be nice to add but that will be dependant on how fast the free wifi is at the various hotels and hostels we end up in. Anyway, here follows a brief outline of the past week.


The first few days we spent at London  Using Easyjet the plane was, predictably, late. At the least we had enough time for a leisurely dinner at the Weatherspoons in the Airport. We both had Curry, which seemed somehow fitting when leaving Edinburgh. The food was so boring and mediocre there wasn’t much I had to get before we left.

At any rate, we arrived at our hotel at 1am in Euston. Staying at the Thistle meant four star comfort provided on the cheap as Hannah got a discount from working at the Edinburgh Thistle at the St James Center. Big full English breakfast buffets each day which, for the most part, served us right through lunch until dinner. Our last guilty luxury most likely until the trip is over.

In London itself however, we didn’t do too much of consequence. Having been down quite a few times in the last year we more or less just wandered about Piccadilly and Soho. One day we did walk all around Hyde park and enjoyed a Harrods lunch (Lamb and Rosemary Pie, Turkish Ricotta and Spinach Pide and Haloumi salad). The highlight, of course, was the night at Wicked. I am fairly certain it is the newest musical in London, if not it is relatively recent. Essentially it is a look at the Wicked Witch and Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz and gives them a fascinating back story which coincides with the events in the Wizard of Oz. It makes more sense than the original story and was quite spectacular. Particularly the finale to the first act. Highly recommended.

After the last day in London we made for Hull on the coast. From here we caught the Stenaline ferry to the Hook of Holland. To call it a ferry was ridiculous. It was over ten floors. Private twin rooms with en-suites  diner, restaurant, games room, casino, shopping area and a public lounge. Even WiFi  for a price. We were only on board for 8 hours or so and were almost sad to leave. It would have been wonderful to have a leisurely morning on board but we docked at 6am and left on-board a train for Amsterdam



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