Vagabond travels – Week One (Part 3) – Berlin –

Berlin was amazing. From 6am when we arrived until 2:30pm two days later, we had plenty to do. We knew from our first visit we would enjoy our time there. After arriving we went to the Zoological gartens and Aquarium. The largest selection of species anywhere in the world. We had been to the Zoo before, although we were rushed as we had the Fireworks world finals to attend. This time we were able to take our time. Also it was the first time we paid the extra to get into the Aquarium as well. In total it was 18 Euros each for over 4 hours of animals to watch. As we got there on opening it was early in the morning. This is important as at that time most animals were active so we got plenty of good photos of the Polar Bears, Timber Wolves, Elephants, Penguins, hippos, Orangutans, Lions and so on. you get the picture.


the Aquarium was also fascinating as it also housed the Amphibians, reptiles and insects. The star of the show was the Jelly Fish. With a few tanks full of various types it was the first time I had seen them not washed up on the beach, or just in lagoons.It was also pretty cool to get a good look at chameleons, scorpions and plenty of other creepy crawlies.

once again, while at the zoo, we skipped the Aussie animals ^^.

That night we had our first hostel adventure. To keep it short we were sharing with a Heroin addict who kept going on about ‘sorting out business’ with the kids next door banging around at night. We left at midnight and changed to another room until he left the next day.

The second Berlin day was full of sights. From the Botanical gartens (Disappointing, didn’t even go in) to the Brandenburg gate and everything in-between we spent the whole day walking and taking in the sights. Berlin’s snacks are the best too. I paid 2.80 euros for a Durum kebab (A wrap style Doner kebab) and got hooked again. Even that night for dinner we went to Charlottenburg and got a random Chicken Duram. It came with all the salad, fried potato and herby ricotta cheese as well as garlic sauce and/or chilli sauce. 3.50 Euros and it was as long as from my elbow to the knuckles of a closed fist. Followed it with a Banana and nutella Crepe and a ‘Schocolate Milsche’ for around 4 Euros and it was the best dinner I have had in a long time.

All in all Berlin was everything. Unlike our last day in Amsterdam killing time, we didn’t  have enough and I kind of wish we spent another day there, although now we face nothing but new cities.

So far the stats are

Amsterdam, most depraved

Berlin, Best Snacks

The Choclateers in Berlin served us one of the best Iced Chocolates anywhere in the world so far.

Ritter Sport chocolate tastes the best of any cheap chocolate ever. We have a nice selection of their varieties for the train trip and I will be looking out for them in future.

Anyway I could go on, but that is enough for now. We are around 3 hours from Prague and time I think to watch Night of the Dead, the original film

P.S. As I upload this a few days later from the writing I can confirm the 1968 ‘night of the Living Dead’ was awesome.



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