Vagrancy- Day 0

Well, as I type this up there are scant few hours left until I will be catching a plane from Edinburgh to London. I am 99% packed. A few odds and ends need to be pressed into my already too full bag and my Ski Pants and Guitar controller are being posted home ahead of us in an effort to save space. It’s tough to decide what to take and what not to take. Sadly one of the casualties was my Astro Boy t-shirt. A few years old now it was probably time to retire it as it has seen Japan and Astro’s hometown (The place it was animated) Kyoto.

My Suitcase is fairly heavy, but I sincerely hope that the wheels prove to supply a significant mechanical advantage. Which reminds me, I still need to get travel insurance ><;

Last night I spent some time preparing my entertainment for the next month. Ahead of time I grabbed several movies. Mostly horror. Hannah wasn’t happy about that. I also picked up the full series of Southpark for my iPod Touch. The real gems came from Stanza and an Audio book app. I downloaded the complete arc of Solomon Kain from Robert E Howard and the Cthulhu Mythos as free audio books. Also, through stanza, they now supply reading lists. Essentially it grouped content of interest together. I grabbed all of the Lovecraft books, all Robert E Howard and then also all the Dystopia/Utopia books and short story collections. Basically I got over 200 free books to read while we travel which I imagine will be plenty when paired with the book of Zombie short stories I am halfway through already.

Also my DS is buffed up with Pokemon Heart Gold, Ragnarok and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. Plenty of games to play, despite no MMO’s.

So that is my preparation for the mass transit (Around 30 hours on trains in the next month). Hopefully the time will fly in-between cities.


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