Vagabond Gaming Week 7: Derek Smart(Ass)

Possibly the most interesting little piece of drama I have witnesses in the MMO sphere this last week is Derek Smart’s rise to prominece within the Quest Online management. With the removal of David Allen and the announcement that Derek was to be heading the team of Alganon (In a managerial capacioty only) the internet very quickly became awash (Hyperbole) with the opinions of everyone on this particualr subject.

At the core of this is the thread found on the news at Gamasutra (Which is a stupid name for a website on games as the KArmasutra is really boring to read). In a display of debonair professionalism (Sarcasm) Derek Smart essentially calls out David Allen and Co. (Jason Blood and Hue Henry). Essentially the news article is followed by Derek adding some details to ‘set the record straight.’ This is followed by a pacifistic reply from the fired QOL employees who present a positive spin on thier work and time with QOL. Derek rebutts this with an assertion that Alganon was rubbish, rushed out and unfinished as investor money was squandered.

Anyway, this is not an inquest into what happened (This is not Law and Order: Criminal Designers). This is an article on the reaction of those in the community who have reracted to these stories. Even in the recent interview at Massively has comments reeming on the particular posters feeling towards this erratic display of ‘Dirty Laundry’ (unlaundered clotheing/textiles, although in this instance referring to in house matters of no concern to others and of a negative nature.)

The Commentors are almost unanimously divided in opinion (Ironic Satire). Either they applaud Mr Smart#s(Ironic?) candour and transparency, or they condemn him for being ‘childish and immature’ in such unprofessional calling out of the departed staff.

On the indignantly enraged by the immaturity we have those who should know better then to comment such as legal representatives

Opportunity Knocks said on 11:33AM 3-22-2010 If Mr. David Allen would like representation for defamation from Mr. Smart, please contact me. Mr. Smart is making it easy for you.

To impassioned haters

Amana said on 11:38AM 3-22-2010 What an obnoxious, self-centred, egotistical and wholly unlikeable human being you are, Smart.

You do realise, do you not, that constantly blaming others and petting your ego, in public, doesn’t come across as particularly endearing?

The game was an utter disaster prior to your arrival, and with your ‘leadership’ it can only be dragged down from there even more-so.

As others have mentioned, you appear to exist for sheer entertainment’s sake only. Alganon, and anything else you touch I’d imagine, is doomed to fail by proxy.

Nobody will play the game. Just go away.

Now both of these people are far to reactionary, but I guess hold a valid point of view. on the other hand there are people who say…

  ethereal.wolf said on 11:55AM 3-22-2010

I like the fact that Derek is direct. Something that is sorely lacking in most of the industry. Randomessa said on 11:34AM 3-22-2010 You know, I just can’t help but like the way this guy is handling things, a whole lot. That is, if he delivers, of course. There’s a tiny part of me that agrees with those who say he’s airing dirty laundry or being unprofessional, but frankly, after hearing so many interviews on other games that avoid taking on the real questions and concerns of players and observers, it’s just so refreshing to hear someone actually involved with the project say something like “I’m sorry,” admit that the results have been subpar so far, and try to make amends (full refunds of subscriptions? Really?).  —-[Trunchated for space]—-

Now these people are more likely to try new games and have fun, so more power to them. However Derek Smart most likely is not so blameless.

There is one however who stands out and encapsules my thoughts here.

Warwench said on 12:08PM 3-22-2010

—[Trunchated for space]—

I think far too many of you simple minded people are focused on Smart and not the game. Who cares who he is, or what he has done, it’s not important. 

Now this is the critical Idea (Capitalised ‘I’ in idea indicates it is a big important Idea) No one person should exemplify a project. Derek Smart, Bill Roper, no one should be the factor that whether you write off the game or not. Development teams are so much bigger then the spokesperson and in any team there are people filled with passion and good ideas that deserve a go rerguardless of what company they work in and what #celebrity developer’ they work for. If I ever find my self thinking ‘I will steer clear of that game because Roper is working on it, then I will have known I have missed the point.

this is not to say they won;t release garbage. It certainly doesn;t mean to pre order eveything until you find something good. it simply menas to stay open the idea that even those some people or companies might be idiots, they can still produce a piece of Art whether by accident or design.

If you hate someone, fine, they probaly deserve it (More Satire) but don;t let them stop you from potentially enjoying a game. Otherwise they will have caused you to lose even more from your life then you alrweady have (assuming no one would hate someone really unless they ravished your loved ones and burnt down your house like Vikings)

Free trials, for the companies you hate.



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