Vagabond Gaming – Episode 5: ShoddyCast

Hey Everyone, the New vagabond gaming is out.
Download this episode (right click and save)Also should be up in iTunes by now

In liue of shownotes I’d like to leave a general apology for how shoddy it is and the lack of a quiz for this episode. It took a few sessions to actuually get around to recording it all over a span of five days as I keep getting unexpectadly busy or unable to procure a quiet recoding space. Anyway, I posted it against my better judgement in hopes that some of the ideas in it are worth listening through the poor production for as the levels change a little and I couldn;t be bothered to manually adjust. Anyway this episode features…

What I have Been playing

Aika impressions

MMO Operating Syatems – A discourse

I am a MMO collector now

I am sorry it is a little shoddy

As always visit me at if you haven;t already, follow me on twitter @Vagabond_Sam or send an email to to have it read out loud on my show.

Sorry again… Next high quality show out by Saturday. Will be a blinder as it will be the last before my month break traveling Europe.


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