40 Days in the Desert

Soon I will be treading the Wilderness. Over 4000km with, likely, little to no gaming to be had. To compensate there will be orangutans, coffee shops, leaning towers and colliseiums. In this time though it will be important for me to maintain some form of connection with my gaming heritage. Not only that but other forms of Digital Entertainment.

In honour of this tremendous event I would like to list my top Podcasts for keeping me in the loop and entertained. While there is a heavy slant to gaming involved there are several which feature no direct relation to gaming. Something for everyone, even your mum (Or mm depending where you are). Join me after the break, as they say, to find some great podcasts for your 4,000km commute.

10. Sunday Night with Saffran

At number ten is the Triple J Sunday Night with Saffran. A Radio show which deals with Religion and Politics topics range from the Knights Templar to Holocaust Deniers. Hosted by John Saffran an Agnostic Jew and Father Bob, Australia’s ‘True blue’ Catholic Priest it is interesting for all the facts on obscure cults and practices from around the world. Very Australian and some localised content so I can see perhaps not everyone will be as enthralled as an Australian by this humorous and insightful show.

Visit the Website

9. BBC Radio 4 – Friday Night Comedy

Another Radio show, this one from the BBC Radio 4 line up. Now this is a funny one as the podcasts alternates between the News Quiz and The Now Show. the important one is the News Quiz, hosted by Sandi Toksvig it features a panel of British Comedians who will dissect the week’s news. Always full trite satire and intelligent conversation every episode will reward you with some witty banter for your next dinner party.

The Now Show also uses the recent news for Satiric purpose but has not hit home with me. Skip a few weeks as it will eventually come back to the News Quiz.

Visit the Website.

8. Spouse Aggro

Nuptual banter between Beau and Leela Turkey. Generally featuring Dialogues between the two hosts regarding their experiences and thoughts on the MMO communities and the games that created them. If you are reading this the chances are you already are aware of the prolific blogging of Beau turkey and the several Podcasts hosted by Leela, including the current Ravenwood Radio, a Wizard 101 Podcast. Nice natural discussions free of the frills that can get in the way of other podcasts. thought provoking as well and can often inspire the blogger in us to pen our own opinions.

Visit the Website

7. Stuff podcasts

Here I will cheat a little. www.howstuffworks.com hosts several themed podcasts. these few make up the ones which aren’t the other one I feature closer to the top as they all deserve a mention. Stuff you missed in History Class and Stuff They don’t want you to Know podcasts both deal with fascinating material and combine entertainment with learning.

Stuff you Missed in history Class covers much of histories iconic moments. From Pocahontas to Bluebeard you will learn something in every podcast. Dealing in a lot of American and Victorian History browsing the archives are sure to yield something of interest to you.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know is a Video Podcast so shuffle users… Sorry. It covers 5-10 minute episodes which deal in modern-day conspiracies giving an overview of the arguments for and against many conspiracies. From illuminati world domination plans to Aliens controlling the government they never fail to inflame and inform on the possibilities int he world.

Visit the Website

5. The Multiverse

Back on topic with a gaming Podcast. The Multiverse is a MMO topic podcast from Chris, Ferral and Riknas. Covering personal gaming experiences, news and relevant talk topics to all fans of the genre the show always proves to be an interactive and entertain experience. With well known features such as Riknas Rants and Uncle Ferrals Story Hour (Which never actually goes for an hour) every episode is well paced and presented in immaculate condition. Very interactive as well as they do some of their episodes live.

Visit Gamebynight.com  to grab the latest episodes and find links to the blogs of the hosts.

4. Through the Aftermath

Original, as far as I can tell, in being a podcast themed around Post Apocalyptic themes in media. From Books to movies and games this is the podcast to hear discussion on everyone’s favorite setting. After the apocalypse. Featuring Shaun and Jonathan, some of the most enjoyable podcasters i have come across, they gush over their love for this genre. Great if you are after any ideas on what to read or a movie to watch, or obviously a game to play. Particularly if that game is Fallout 3.

Visit the Website

3. MMO Voices

With a fun, natural and laid back style this podcasts covers a variety of MMO topics as inspired by writing and blogging from the Community members of www.mmovoice.ning.com. Hosted by Jeremy and Cindy and a host of special guests there is always something fresh in every episode. Also usually a new accent to hear every episode. Coupled with a great community it is well worth a look.

Visit the Website

2. Massively Speaking

Shaun is back on the list, this time as Chief Editor of Massively.com and Host of Massively Speaking. usually Joined by Rubi Bayer they discuss the latest news and articles as featured on Massively. Up beat and to the point it is a great way to keep up to date with MMO news as they always manage to cram plenty into each episode. Expect plenty of Guild Wars and Fallen Earth references.

Visit the Website.

 2.b Stuff You Should Know

Now I couldn’t cut anymore from a top ten, so my top ten is eleven with a dual number 2 spot. Chuck and Josh host www.howstuffworks.com’s premiere podcast. Covering any topic these guys will tell you Stuff You Should know. From how Lobotomies work, How Carbon credits Work, Is there a torture manual, How negotiators Work and even how Twinkies work, these guys will set you up with a general knowledge to impress every girl you meet. A biweekly podcast also so they have plenty to say. I do envy you who have still their entire back catalogue to catch up on.

Visit the Website

And finally, the coveted number one podcast on my iPod…

1. The Hamish and Andy Show

Australian juggernauts of comedy and entertainment. absolutely nothing to do with games but plenty of fun and laughter come from this dynamic duo. Celebrity interviews filled with puns. A good example is interviewing Meatloaf while wearing ‘Meat loafers’ which were just trays of raw mince encasing their feet. And across australia or america in their regular ‘Caravan of Courage’ adventures. Most recently this past weekend they competed in 24 sports at competition level in 50 hours. Half hour episodes go up every weekday making it a constant source of entertainment and fun for anyone with a sense of humor.

Visit the Website

So there you have it. My Top ten podcasts at the moment. Though there are plenty more *cough* Vagabond Gaming *cough* Hydaelyn Cast *cough* that I could mention, humility begs me not to. Seriously there are plenty of other great podcasts out there and as part of this post I will be adding a link to all the podcasts on my iPod. Hopefully it can give you some inspiration when, like me, you are between episodes on your current subscriptions and are looking for ideas. If there are any great podcasts you’d like to share post them in a comment and I’ll add them when my link page goes up.

Until next time.


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