Vagabond Gaming Week 5 – 2010/11 is the Fiscal year of the Console MMO

The apocalypse has begun for every PC gamer who complains that consoles ruin thier games as more and more companies develop for consoles and port to PC. First it was First Person Shooters with every large franchise developing for Consoles, then it was RPG’s with Bioware’s releasing of Dragon Age and Mass Effect onto console. (Now I think about it maybe RPG’s were first with titles liek Jade Dynatsy but who cares, my point is still there.). now two (2) major upcoming MMO’s will share a simulatanious PC and PS3 release. Also I will predict, having not seen any comments or forums yet, that there will be plenty of trolling that the Devs for DC Universe Online stated that there will be No advatage in playing on either platform when it somes to controls. this Either means it will have full Qwerty and mnouse support on PS3, or more likely, it will have a full controller intergration meaning PC players may have to pick up those funny little keyboards with only a few alphabet characters on them.

So in the imminent future both Final Fantasy XIV and DCUO will release on PC and Playstation 3. It seems pretty clear Sony as sorted out the technical and busniess issues with hosting a subscription service which also requires constant and quick updates.  This means that worldwide there are at Least 25 million gamers who will be able to access these MMOs. Thats guareenteed systems which can run the games. Now it is almost impossible to find the data on how many computers are around now which can run these games on release and i am not trying to say it is less or more then the playstation 3 platform. What I am pointing out here is there is now 25 million more systems from which to access the games. (Obviously there is overlap with people who have consoles and PCs which both would run the games, however my opinion is that those who have both and prefer one or the other will balance out. You might say ‘Of course I will buy on PC’. I, on the other hand, intened to favour my PS3 over a PC even though I will be getting a new tough rig soon which would run all the upcomign games. I just prefer PS£ so i will let the numbers stand for arguments sake.)

Now any MMO player should welcome the addition of more potentially players into thier world. Server population at critical mass ensure a far better quality of game play as the games can be played how they were intended. Warhammer being a good example of what lack of population can cause and WoW being a good example at how much more fun a game can be with all the people it needs.

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