The Journey so far…

Ok, so the trip home for which the travel portion of this website is dedicated has slowly been forming and evolving into a real thing. We officially have purchased enough tickets to get us all the way from Edinburgh to Brisbane. At the moment the itinerary looks something like this.

Edinburgh – London – Amsterdam (there to see windmills… Honest) – Berlin – Prague – Vienna – Budapest – Zagreb (Hopefully with a coastal town visit on the way through – Venice – Pisa – Rome – Singapore – Brisbane.

So on the good side I expect the food to pick up from Berlin onwards. Will be able to get away from the UK palette which really doesn’t suit me well at all. Part of my plan is to maybe try and find the Best Kebabs in Eastern Europe which is sort of pointless as we aren’t going to Istanbul, but still a fun exersise. At the very least I will explore the snakcs in each city as inspired from the love affair I have for Currywurst from Berlin which, again, will be hard to beat.

At anyrate there should be lots of fun insotre for us as we explore these various places and also an unmissable Europe experience of Train travel. At least Half of our trips will likvernight trains to help us get more time at each place and also save us a nigth on accomidation. The Night City Lines (NCL) are particularly useful as with our Eurail Global Pass it will cost 4 euros to get a seat from Amsterdam to Berlin or 20 euros for a bed and breakfast on the same train. Works out quite handy and is certainly the gentlemans way to travel. Also works out better then flying as there have been no sales on teh cheap carriers and even with sales the amount of cities we are visiting it would be hard to come in under the £230 the passes cost each. Espetially when you figure that Ryan air, one of the cheapest, often flys you to some god forsaken shack with a bus that costs 12 euros and takes 2 hours to get where your ticket said you were going.

So far a few highlights will include the Amsterdam countryside. this time we will try to see some more ‘historical’ Amsterdam. Also Berlin once again. The last time we were there, while we did see the Berlin Wall, we spent most of our time at the Zoological Gardens (Most species of any Zoo in the World) and also the Fireworks International Competition Finals, Pyronale at the olympic stadium. So this time we may invest a little more time looking around some of the more historic sites. Oh and who could forget Stonehenge in Bath followed by the musical Wicked in londons West End. I really hope we can squeeze out enough for Wicked tickets.

After that it becomes a little less defined on what I want to do as every other city will be a new experience. Certainly seeing the canals in Venice and the tower in Pisa are fairly important, but they are also fairly unimaginiative. Singapore is possibly going to be a highlight though as we are going to the Zoo there to have breakfast with some orangutangs. the worlds only free ranging Orangutaung enclosure where we will be right in with the Great Apes for what will be an amazing experience.

Also the last Highlight will be arriving in Fortitude Valley around 1am in Brisbane and going to the kebabery in the middle of the Brunswick St mall to get a Chocolate breaka and a Large Mixed Kebab with sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, cheese, tabuli, lettice, onion and tomato.

One thing travel teaches you, or at least taught me, is a sincere love for where I come from.

So I look forward to writing about our experiences. Hopefull the trains have some form of power so I can write up during the hours of travel and in the spirit of traveling, post using McDonalds Free WiFi. Over the remain few weeks in Edinburgh I will post some more about how our bookings are going and some great sites which have helped us tremendously and may be of interest to anyone planning a trip through Europe. Particularly if you are on another continent it can be hard to find some of these resources because of search engine biases. As always you can follow me on twitter @Vagabond_Sam or email me at Vagabond_Sam at hotmail dot com if you have any questions about planning trips around Europe



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