The Story So Far….

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…..

Wait, thats not right.

A few years ago on a continent on the other side of the planet myself and my long time girlfriend Hannah decied to travel as much as we could. While I am no globe trotter yet, very soon I will have an impressive resume of countries. At the moment my travels have been reasonably extensive for an Australian, seeing as we are tucked away from the Americas and Europe by vast kilometers of ocean. In 2007 I spent over two weeks travelling around Japan which marked my first international destination and also a quite large amount of culture shock (Although that phrase sounds negative I throughly enjoyed every moment of frustrated communication because the times when we were able to reach understandings with the locals was a real thrill.)

From there I spent the next year saving and soon we were off on our current long haul adventure. On Feburary 24th, 2009 we both left Australia with Passports and a UK Visa each to live in bonnie old Scotland, Edinburgh. Traveling from Brisbane we had just over a week in japan again and with no delays were off again to London where we met with friends. Moving on up to Edinburgh after a long weekend taking in British sights and cuisine food, we settled into a flat in Edinburgh where I have been ever since. During this time we have had the pleasure of Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Glasgow, more London and the Austrian village of Oberau in the alps for a skiing holiday.

Clearly we have seen a lot and in the next month we plan on seeing a whole lot more as we take a month long train trip from Edinburgh to Rome (Obviously a few flights to aid in efficiency) and back home to Brisbane. We will likely go through Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Frankfurt, Pisa, Venice, Krakow, Barcelona and many other cities as time allows us on an open train ticket through Europe.

I hope you’ll join us on this trip as we blog from every stopp along the way and upload plenty of photos of interesting places and people. We are getting really excited for it and hopefully it will be a very epic month of travel.

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