Rolling Release

Well, I pulled the pin and have let the word slip out on the website.

Episode 4 of Vagabond Gaming will be released tonight with any luck which will be the ultimate reveal of the new website. I have a lot of work to do to get things ready ^^.

The plan is to put up a proper banner instead of the generic theme which is currently there, to put up some basic travel info like where I have been so far and some photos along with some of my milestones. I will update the Gaming section with some more info and pics as well. My girlfriend who is a bit of a photoshopper will hopefully do up a nice little background for me as well.

Piece by piece I’ll add to this site over the next few weeks as I am pretty free at work to do what I please and I am leaving work in three weeks anyway so i feel i can misbehave a little. After all, they did ask if I would be willing to go back to door knocking to keep my job.

I said I would be willing….

I’m not.

So by this weekend there should be podcasts, pics and more articles up so please check every week for more fun from


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