Vagabond Gaming – Week 4

I know, I know I skipped a week or so. I have been busy with an upheaval in my residency. Stupid Landlord decided he would rather see the back of me and my other housemates. To this effect he has offerred us a £500 check. Hopefully that is each and not to be shared between myself and Hannah. Based on the assumption it is each we have decided to go home on the 27th of April, or there abouts after leaving Scotland in four weeks. My contarct ends and they have not indicated any extention yet. In fact they won’t know until it is a mere week or so out from ending. Even then it will likely be a month by month extension which means I will be unable to travel anyway and so it is pointless. Intead we will have a whirlwind trip around the world Europe before catching a flight home from Rome.

That is the plan anyway.

Also I have decided to really go for this blogging thing. I’ll be converting this blog to a .com once I can decide on a suitable domain name. Some FPS jerks registered a .com for thier CS clan or something at I have to decide if I am egocentric enough to use, or the slightly more confusing I plan to incorporate a few tabs and start to relate some of my travel related misadventures. perhaps filling in past details and chronicaling the upcoming trip. Also I will use it to help promote my podcast projects, Vagabond Gaming and Hydaelyn Cast.

Essentially i want to experiement a little more in the media realm and potentially build a portfolio resource online. Something for when I return home I can point at to potential employers in the tourism sector to show my passion for travel and something to help me gain traction should I attempt a career in the gaming market again. (I used to be a gaming manager and quite enjoyed it with the benifits of Hindsight).

Anyway this space will hopefully become more entertaining and I hope it will be worthy of a visit every now and then from anyone who migth share any of my passions, whether it be Console Gaming, MMO’s or traveling.

So please support my new blog, tell your friends and let me know what you think. I will be releasing a new Vagabond gaming soon and hopefully it will coincide with the release of my new .com site so look forward to another player in the blog-o-sphere who will become damned to anonymity.

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