Vagabond Gaming Week 1 – Charted!

Ok so I decided to give the blog thing a proper go. This will be intrinsically linked with my podcast, Vagabond Gaming. So from now on I will be writing here more often and cross posting any MMO relevant items to MMO Voices. This will give me the freedom to explore a few more issues relevant to consoles as well as MMO’s. Beyond topical posts which may grab me from time to time I will also attempt a weekly roundup each…. week. Just a collection of what I came across during my week and any thoughts which I may wish to share but are not at the revalatory level to constitue a specific post.

So, there are a few people you should meet if you are planning on coming along for the ride as I pen (figuratively) my trips through various plains of exsistance. In each one I possess an avatar who carries out my will.
First in line and the eldest of my incarnations is Arken from Shiva, Vana’diel

As you can see, Arken is highly armoured and well traveled. The time spent adventurering was used to hone the ways of The Paladin and has so far reached sufficient experience to maintain level 50. At the moment he is working hard to try and hone his cooking skill high enough to make a living.

Saraibell is the middle avatar. She resides in Middle Earth and is currently doing anything she can to aid the fellowship in thier quest. Similar to her older Avatar, Arken, she is also a defender. A Guardian even. Currently she is enjoying a sabbatical

Kurosark is the youngets. Also the most violent and malifecent. Studying the shadow arts of the rogue he is also a part of the Horde. So far he has reached the 27th level and is quickly progressing with a view to reach the heights of success.

Funny how I only realised very recently I apparantly have a thing for elves…

So, this week I have been mostly playing WoW and leveling my rogue who i have been working on for just over 10 days now. Almost came to a steaming halt as my Burning Crusade trial was ended and Blizzard sadly do not support online purchases of NA content from the UK with an Australian credit card. In a big gamble I used a cd-key web site who sold photos of the box keys, promising fast delivery. It worked. I saved 10 pounds on the Blizzard price as well and I am happy. If not a little guilty for buying off of a web site whioch also sells gold and accounts. Unfortunately there was no other option as the online upgrade was inaccessible and to import a box was too expensive and would take weeks so, lynch me if you must but I am back in playing aftre a few hours of being locked out.

I have seen the Dungeon Finder. It is Good.

The Dungeon Finder gives me the ability to find parties so quickly and complete instances so fast that I can;t help but play through a few dungeons everytime I play. It’s the gameplay in FFXI I loved so mauch as I spend the majority of my time leveling -In groups-. Even without quest stacking these encounters have provided decent exp so far and I am at level 27. On top of that items which were much harder to appropriate are no just a matter of lining up in the dungeon finder enough to keep trying until it drops. It very much smooths out the equipment progression and creates a rewarding system of progression constantly beyond the exp grind. As I line up for a Dungeon and then grind Quests while I wait it has really kept my game time varied and enjoyable so far.

The other main encounter has been Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It is an amazing game with brilliant cinematography, engaging, accessible and immensly fun gameplay and a decent amount fo replayablity. the ending was very satisfying and very thrilling.  Now I have to option of embarassing myself in multiplayer or searchin gout the remaining treasures and using cash to buy more modes and cheats. Right now I can give Drake a Sniper Rifle or M4 whenever the fancy takes me, as well as unlimited ammo or one hit kills. Reminds me of the Goldeneye N64 codes which gave hours of enjoyment and replaying levels with guns blazing and men dropping like flies. A must buy and must play.

With the world saved from the ravages of mercinaries I was free to seek out other worlds to save. This brought me to the world of Bayonetta. The phrase ‘Spiritual Successor to Devil May Cry’ sealed this one for me. Devil may Cry is one of those IP’s I very much enjoy. Dante and Virgil gave an epic battle in Number 1 and 3 and the introduction of a new charater in 4 (who’s name eludes me despite I remember his voice actor was Jonny Yong or something ^^) kept it fresh for the playstation installment. Now, like DMC, Bayonetta is a game built around a very fun and impressive combat system. The overpowered protagonist, bayonetta, can control the flow of time, walk on walls and rooves when the moon is shining and has one pitol on every limb. While the combat measures up it does lack the focus that I have found in DMC with the ability to control which combos I execute with a much easier system. Bayonetta’s combo system seems more of a forgiving button masher and it is not as nessisary to pick the best combo for the situation to excel. At least Bayonetta does not reward this attention as much as DMC did. Despite that Bayoneeta can perform some of Dante’s moves such as the Stinger and a teleport, phasing kick which I quite enjoy. The fanservice (Breats and ass shots) are too much and the overall story and characters don;t have the same likability that Devil May Cry enjoyed. The enemies also don’t have the same definition and kind of all blur into each other as they all share a very similar makeup so that even though they are different there doesn’t seem to be any point. As fun as it is overall it just makes me hope for a remake of Devil May Cry 1 and 3 (Not 2, that was rubbish)

Since that is no basically a review I will end with, unless you really love DMC gameplay I would wait for God of War 3 or rent it, or play the demo first and compare with the Dante’s Inferno Demo. Even if it is fan service you are after Dantye’s Inferno has real nudity.

Well thats a long weekly post but it’s the first one so a lot to catch up on. If you enjoyed reading then there is plenty more in my Podcast, Vagabond Gaming. Look out for episodes weeklyish. Also just out is Hydaelyn Cast which I do with Cindy and Chris which is Available at Vagabond Gaming in iTunes and will, very shortly, if not already, be on iTunes as Hydaelyn Cast. So, please comment if you will, leave iTuines reviews and check out MMO Voices (Google it) if you came here from any other place. It is full of great podcasts and people for discussions on gaming and, specifically MMO’s. (Try to keep console fanboyism a secret there ^^)

Thanks for reading.

That was a joke by the way. You know what I mean.

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